A leading and most trusted online healthcare provider in India, started with the sole intent of making healthcare accessible and affordable to all. They help patients connect with local pharmacy stores and diagnostic centres to fulfil their medical requirements. They pride themselves on ensuring their customers get access to the best and most genuine health products, with the highest savings in the shortest time possible. They deliver medicines in over 1000 cities in India. They also offer diagnostic test services across Mumbai. 

In addition to making healthcare accessible to all, through our technological innovations, they wanted to revolutionize the healthcare system by making the industry data driven by providing doctors and patients the most accurate information to make decisions. They were also looking at constructing a feedback loop for other pharma companies enabling them to make better drugs to combat diseases like never before and eradicating fake medicines which currently contribute to 30% of drug volume in India and lastly, reducing drug dependency and drug abuse in the country. 

They were new players in the online pharmacy space and wanted to improve CSAT scores. This would mean new agents who were trained would take more than 3 weeks of training before they could come on to the production floor. All activities of quality and audit were being done using Microsoft Excel without any automation at all. 

Transmon was selected and implemented for 400 users in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Time taken by new agents to come onto the production floor was reduced by 10 days. Automation was achieved by ensuring all feedback was shared via voice feedback within the tool.