One of the largest public banks of India with more than 15 million customers & 1900 branches across India. With the increase in business and growing customers, Bank of Maharashtra was looking out for upgrading the contact center. Some of the critical challenges for Banks were:

  • – High Availability: The Bank cannot afford to have the contact center operations go down even for a few minutes. 
  • – Disaster Recovery: Compliance is very crucial for banks. The contact center should have a DR which works the same as the live environment. 
  • – Security: This is a tough but one of the most critical requirements of any financial institution. 
  • – Hybrid Environment: The contact center operations are distributed between Multiple sites of Banks, BPO’s in different locations.  

Cexlab conducted a workshop with the business team, technology team as well as the security and network teams. The detailed discussion gave us the critical inputs which are mandatory for the banks like Security, High Availability, DR and hybrid environment. 

Designing a robust solution which is flexible yet secured was a challenge. The compliance, security aspects were incorporated from the design phase itself so that there will be no significant roadblock at later stages. Pure connect from Genesys was chosen as the solution considering the dynamic changing requirements as well as the aspects of security. The design of the modern contact center was walked through the teams, and the finer changes were made before moving onto an implementation plan. 

The system was designed in such a way that neither the security nor the flexibility was compromised. The Disaster Recovery was working as per the banking norms. Uptime of the contact center system was 99%. 

Cexlab has the expertise of designing a Modern Contact Center solution for the banking industry wherein maintaining a high level of security as well as flexibility to have a hybrid model of bank employees and BPO’s managing the contact center.