A Traditional Training Institute providing training in Aviation, Hospitality and Travel Management with branches throughout India. The business was growing, and the number of new branches were multiplying, and so was the pressure on the contact center. With the calls and data increasing, the current technology stack at the contact center was creating a lot of problems. Systems were down, couldn’t integrate with other systems like CRM, Ticketing systems and features were outdated. 

Customer Experience Lab conducted a Business Analysis Workshop to understand the problem and business in detail. A workshop was held with business teams, contact center team and the higher management. 

Based on the inputs of the business teams and our design expertise, we designed a solution which involved not only technology but also people, processes, data and most importantly the business objectives. Genesys PureConnect was selected for its robustness and the ability to serve the future requirements of the customers which are more driven towards customer experience. 

Based on the detailed design and solution selected, a comprehensive implementation plan along with data migration aspects was prepared. Cexlab took just 45 days to upgrade the contact center without any of the operations getting interrupted. 

  • More than 18 silo campaigns were automated and integrated into six broad campaigns. 
  • More than 550 Agents were migrated to the modern contact center with proper training. 
  • By observing live agents, we re-engineered some of the processes to add more ease for the agents. 

The potential per agent was improved by 80%. Automated Lead Management between CRM and Contact Center helped with faster closures. Outcome-based communication design reduced the workload and improved the productivity of agents. A Modern Contact Center when designed and appropriately executed adds a lot of velocity to the entire business process.