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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Customer Experience(CX) and How important is it?

In an age where consumers of all stripes are informed, smart and have limitless options; companies are now looking to differentiate themselves on delivering an exceptional user experience to stand out above competitors. We live in a largely digital, experience-driven economy. Finding ways to create meaningful experiences for customers is the new currency for success. Adopting new ways to create a frictionless customer experience where customers engage your business on the channels of their choice and enjoy a personalized experience will reward companies with their loyalty, advocacy and business. The accumulation of impressions that customers develop at all points of their journey with a product and service provided by an organization. Customer Experience (CX) is the way to differentiate your brand from others in the marketplace.

Does your platform Integrate with third party CRM and applications?

Seamless integration with the CRM system enhances your agents productivity by delivering the better customer experience to your customers. Also, your agents consume a minimal time inputting redundant data into multiple systems. Call centre system softwares should be two-way synchronized with third party applications and tools to streamline agent workflow and equip them with concrete customer information.

Does CXP offer quality monitoring, reporting and Business analytics tools?

Our flagship Quality monitoring and BI tools will assist your managers and supervisors able to make data-driven decisions based on the generated reports. The BI tool allows drill down to granular level to analyse the data.  Empowering your managers with real-time and historical data to make informed decisions positively impact KPIs.

How to enhance customer service experience?

Developing a proper interactive ecosystem  by various applications and processes is the foundation for providing the best customer service. Our consulting approach covers 360 degree CX tools which have already created a benchmark in the market and enhanced the CX standards for most of our customers. We encourage customers to focus on Customer effort score (CES) besides the more traditional CSAT and NPS.

Does Sparrow Digital support different languages for the BOT framework?

Sparrow digital supports 54 languages currently. The library is available by default and the deployment can be done with minimal training for those languages.

What is WFM?

Genesys provides an independent module called Workforce Engagement Management (WEM) refers to the suite of products that helps companies manage and improve employee engagement.

The primary areas of focus for WEM include:


-Quality evaluation and improvement

-Time management

-Task management

-Employee recognition

-Voice of the Employee surveys

This is available on the CXP Cloud platform as well.

Does CXP offer Omnichannel interactions management?

Enabling all interactive channels by synergising Genesys and CXP supporting applications is one of our turn keys. Engage with your customers on the channels they prefer. Offer a true omnichannel experience through our extensive channel portfolio Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, SMS, Webchat, Email and more.

How to reduce Average Handling time?

Average Handle Time (AHT) is the average duration of the entire customer call transaction, from the time the customer initiates the call to the ending of the call. Most of the contact center companies are trying to bring these operational expenses down, by analysing the time consuming factors while handling the customers. The better way of reducing it is by bridging multiple applications and enabling access to a knowledge base platform for better customer handling.

Does Sparrow QM offer sentiment analysis?

Sparrow Quality Monitoring tool offers sentiment analysis along with text to speech. The sampling can be based on specific parameters like disposition, call length, campaign type or random selection. Sparrow integrates with external providers like Google and converts speech to text. Sentiments are captured based on internal platform learning (ML) and also from platforms like Google.

Does Sparrow unified agent desktop provide suggestions to the agents?

Sparrow unified desktop can have a module called Agent Assist which is under development, which will provide real time suggestions to the agents based on different parameters. These parameters can be both historical data or data captured in real time during the course of the interaction.

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