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Our vision is to empower companies to deliver more efficient and effective customer experience using innovative design thinking and technologies.
Investments in CX transformation & automation helps achieve business goals across the customer journey. Learn how CX disruption could benefit your business.

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Customer Experience Lab

Our Solutions


Digital Transformation

Reach the new age customers with a wider audience reach by using Digital landscape & automation.

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Enterprise Productivity Tool

Achieve and measure the organizational productivity by connecting both front and back office operations. These tools can help in impacting the Customer Effort Score (CES), which is more relevant in today’s time.


Customer Experience Cloud

Extend seamless experience to your customer via multiple touch points across customer journeys using cloud.

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CX Consulting

We help you know the business gaps, process definition and multidimensional technology adoptions. We work in the areas of CSAT, NPS and impacting the Customer effort score (CES). The team follows a methodology of outside in rather than inside out.

Customer Experience Lab

Success Stories

Customer Experience Lab’s design led tech consultancy helps enterprises curate a winning design leading to a great CX, lower acquisition costs, lower cost to serve and increased lifetime value of customers.

Customer experience

How one of the largest quick service restaurants in India had a 250 contact center up and running in just 3 days.

Customer experience

Challenges and the solutions while building a contact center for banks.

Customer experience

Moving away from a traditional contact center can add velocity to your business.

Customer Experience lab

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Customer Experience is the next competitive battleground. It is where the business will be won or lost.