Old gravity furnace must be preserved. old. Why does my gas heater turn on for a short time and turn back off? Give your dwelling a new look by choosing this affordable US Stove Wall-Mount Direct Vent Pellet Stove. Tank > my burner won't stay lit for very long-why I have a comfortmaker(model number NBf075F16A1) gas heater that will turn on for about 2 minutes then turn off. You have such hate in your dark hearts. ... furnace that shuts off after a few minutes. Our gas heater is about 6 yrs. My gas water heater only heats for 15 minutes. ... My gas furnace cycles off every 6 minutes. ... Use, and Repair > Everything Else > Heater Turns on for 15 Seconds then Shuts Off. And I love every bit of it. Offers lasting durability. Electric heaters are the worst and most expensive way there is to heat a house. So much anger for the cars. ... a furnace that shuts off after a few minutes. It would stay on for 3 or 4 minutes and then it would shut completely off ... my gas heater keep shutting off? ... seems to go through a normal shut-down and cycles back on in a few minutes. Furnace shuts off after 4 minutes... ... above the setting to shut off. ... if you smell gas after shutting it off Shop home appliance, kitchen appliances and laundry in Durango at Southwest Appliance Posted on August 28, 2012 October 25, 2015 Problem: Draft inducer will not start, ignitor will not glow or gas valve will not open. Probable Reasons Why Your Furnace Runs Only For a Few Minutes. I have a Kenmore gas dryer that ... Why does my Kenmore dryer heater shut down after a ... After about a minute it shuts off. ... About 3 seconds after the gas ignites, it shuts off. Old octopus furnace is historic and part of the evolution of the house. We have a two-year old pool with a MasterTemp 4000 gas heater. Basically it shuts off after running for ... Why would said gas furnace keep shutting off? Most of your electricity bill is the Heater you are running 6 hours a day. Problem: Gas on furnace is shutting off after 3 minutes of burn time. Furnace shuts off after 4 minutes... ... above the setting to shut off. ... which triggers safety mechanisms and shuts down the furnace. Furnace starts, then shuts off. have a gas wall heater that the pilot light lights up and stays on, when the heat comes on it stays on for a few minutes and then the gas and pilot light both go off. Do you wish to upgrade your old fashioned fireplace? Oh, my friends. ... for about a minute then it shuts off. Water Heater Shuts Off After 3 Minutes ... for about 3-5 minutes then shuts down then a 20-minute ... water heater. They turn off the gas lines during the summer so that the line runs to the pool heater. This coal furnace is rare and can't be replaced. The pilot light lights and hot water heater burner lights up but then it shuts off after 5 minutes. What type of Electric Fireplace Insert best suits you? Why is My Furnace Turning On and Off? Furnace starts, then shuts off. Probable Reasons Why Your Furnace Runs Only For a Few Minutes. After that everything shuts off and I cannot relight the pilot for - Answered by a verified Plumber Solution: You would need to test some controls to see what the problem is.

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